Not the best version with only a cheat for blood making it stand out.

User Rating: 6 | Mortal Kombat: Shinken Kourin Densetsu GEN
Ok I really don't like to review games more than once but seeing as this and the SNES version are pretty much two completely different games I felt I had to offer my difference of opinion on the two and more importantly it's actually the only Mega Drive one I have ever had access to because of one reason I wanted to see the blood in it, makes me sound like I like violence, which I do. First off in pretty much every single way this version is inferior to the SNES one as just about all multi platform were on the two systems because the SNES pretty much did everything better due to being the more powerful system, yet the Mega Drive version sold more put down to the simple fact that it had the blood and gore of the arcade game, ok it wasn't in when you just started the game up since it had to be activated with a cheat code, but unlike the bunny loving Nintendo at the time Sega knew it would sell copies and it did, but really other than that this game has aged badly and other than to see a few fatalities different to the SNES version it's not worth it not much else I can say really other than read my SNES review of this game.