The best Strategy RPG for DS!

I am a HUGE fan of Final Fantasy, with FF XII being one of my favorites. After spending well over 100 hours into that game, needless to say I was ecstatic to hear that FF XII was coming to the DS.

STORY: The story is good, but definitely not what I expected. Aside from the characters, there really is no connection to FF XII, which isn't a bad thing. The story holds it's own, an, most of the characters from FF XII return, along with some new faces.


GRAPHICS: The graphics are the best I have seen on the DS, bar none. The sprites are cute, and the backgrounds/environments are well-detailed and colorful. The cut scenes, while few and far between, are AMAZING! I really wish there were more of them, though.


GAMEPLAY: The gameplay might take some time to get used too, seeing as how this isn't Square's typical RPG, but if you give it time, you won't regret it. There is no gambit system, like in FF XII, and there are no menus to attack or heal. Instead, each unit has it's own purpose, such as attack or heal, which the unit will do automatically if they're in range. The lack of any kind of multiplayer is somewhat disheartening, but not much of a big deal.