Doesn't even deserve the name Buokai!

Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi Game Review

What can I say about this game? That it was a Mixture of Budokai 3 and the Sagas game, over all it's a step in the right direcrtion. It also takes a large step back and takes every thing you know about the other 3 Budokai's, then rips it to shread's and every thing you knew about the fighting style is gone! While it still has some good game play and the characters are well done, the Designer's seem to have missplaced the abbilities for certiant character's! For example Goku at Super Sayian 4 doesn't have his ten fold Kamehameha and it's a Special Move, at least they could have designed right and given Goku his Kamehameha durring all his Super Sayian forms! Like come on it wasn't even red like in the 3rd Budokai and that's Goku's move being used in every form, now I don't want to Super Kamehameha a bad guy and waste that special! I want to use it as a regular attack and they gave it to him in his normal state, I honestly can say if your not ready to let go of the old fighting style and are thinking about buying it. DON'T DO IT!

Pros and Cons

While there are a few good things that could come out of this, theres not many and the graphics might of well been used as new angle for the tv show! maybe even a CG movie instead of putting it to this game and make it more challenging like taking on a few guys at once, like sagas tried to do and yet these two games are going to be found in the bargin bin! ohh yeah I forgot about the DBZ hardcore fans and I just happen to be one my self, so I'll probably trade this game in before I trade in Sagas! the Sagas game I can play with my brother and sister for a short while until I get board, but as for me see you later and look for my game reviews

Demon_Warrior Orb