FATALITY....nuff said!!!

User Rating: 9.4 | Mortal Kombat: Shinken Kourin Densetsu GEN
This game kicked royal booty back in the day,it would be standing room only to play this at the arcade when in came out.Friday and Saturday became the norm at the local mall.Looking for lil Johnny just look into the arcade where the crowd is,playing Mortal Kombat.And you had to have loved the Mortal Kombat theme song,when you heard it.Chills went down your spine immediately.Out of all the fighting games this is the game that changed the fighting genre.Remember when Nintendo refused to add blood for fatality moves and instead made the blood "gray".Sony held their ground and blood was the color blood was suppose to be RED.Which made Genesis version of the game the most sold out of both consoles.The next edition of Mortal Kombat,Nintendo caved in and the NES fans had red blood instead of the gray.I think this was the start of the game ratings, M=Mature,T=Teen,congress was in an uproar over the violence in Mortal Kombat.Which only makes this game even more of a revolutionary than any other video game in gaming history.MORTAL KOMBAT!!!!!!!!!