Solid game, player graphics could be better

- Now I'm a die hard 2k fan. I never like madden for a number of reason, graphics, game play, control and feel of the game. APF is an above average football game. The game play is a "10" hands down. The timing and feel of the game is incredible. Watching the receivers tightrope the sideline is breathtaking. However, the look of the players could be better. Everything else on the screen looks phenomenal. The stadiums, fans, replays, commentators, it all great. The players could look better. It does however look better than madden 07(next gen). It's a great foundation to a new football era. I played for hours last night. If you want to do well at this game, you will have to use all of the features. I loved some of the new features, quarterback scramble. The DBs are much smarter; it makes for a better game. Bottom line... Only 7 more hour till i can go home, 3 hors after that I'll put the kids to bed, 15 minutes later make love to my wife (total of 15 min), From there it's APF for the next 2-3 hours...auuuuu.