Mortal Kombat: Tournament Edition Cheats For Game Boy Advance

  1. Different Colored Reflection of Weapon

    Do the Colored weapons code except RED and when on a stage where the floor is reflective (for example, Swamp arena), do the weapon fatality for that character and the weapon will be seen as red but the reflection on the floor will be the color that was inputted with the colored weapon code.

    Contributed by: darkazngamer 

  2. Unlockables

    Code Effect
    Beat Tag Team mode in Single Player on Normal difficulty. Drahmin
    Beat Tag Team mode in Single Player without using continues under Hard difficulty. Play as Sektor
    Beat the game on Normal Difficulty Hsu Hao
    Beat the game on Normal difficulty or higher Character endings
    Beat Arcade mode & Tag Team mode with every character on Normal difficulty. Then beat Arcade mode on Hard using Reaper Scorpion. Noob Saibot
    Beat Normal Arcade Mode with every fighter except Noob Saibot and Sektor Reptile

    Contributed by: darkazngamer 

  3. Different Color Weapons

    Enter this at the screen where they show you who your opponent is. Hold both buttons until the round begins. These can also be done in between rounds.

    Code Effect
    Hold the L button and press A. Yellow Weapons.
    Hold the R button and press A. Red Weapons.
    Hold up and press A. Blue Weapons
    Hold L & R Weapon color is ORANGE
    Hold Up & L Weapon color is GREEN
    Hold Up & R Weapon color is PURPLE
    Hold Up, R, & L Weapon color is BLACK

    Contributed by: darkazngamer 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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