Old West + The Undead = Darkwatch

The equation sums most of it up. I was walking around Blockbuster, nothing was there. Back in forth in the aisle trying to find a bright spot among the stupid games there and I see Darkwatch. It looks alright, the boxart attracts me and I wind up giving this game a try. And let me tell you, I was blown away.
I remebered reading a review about this game and it got a decent grade so I thought it will be prety good and it is. The story pits you as Jericho Cross, a train robber in the Old West, lates 1800's. This was going to be one of his last train robberies and we picked the wrong one. The dynamite was set and he was met by Cassidy, not alot none about her background so far but a gun is pointed to Jericho and you know something is going on. She tells you there's no money back there but it is clearly to late and the dynamite blows. A weird looking undead creature comes out of a greenish hole and it spawns many among many undead monsters across the plains.
And there it starts, you must kill the rest of these creatures becuase they were already caught by the Darkwatch but now you have to do it all over again. Disrespect preceives you by the Darkwatch becuase what you have done but nonetheless and want you to help them. I won't ruin the rest of the story for you but it is a solid story and keeps you attent.
The gameplay is the main thing that gets you pumped. Awesome looking guns are just the cherry topping on the great gun fights. Mostly all of the levels are linear but it is okay for this type of game. There's an even variety of the levels and they make you can keeping back for you. There will be truly difficult parts becuase sometimes the enemies will keep spawning and you may have to kill the boss to make them stop so there will be constant enemies and the boss on top of that. There will be fustrating moments but when you beat these moments, it makes it that much better and exciting. You can also gain powers by doing good or evil deeds. Instead of saving someones life (good) you may kill them (evil). Doing evil things gets you evil powers and good things, good powers. Other than that, it's pretty straight forward and I like it that way for this type of game.
There is two person co-op and versus mode and that may keep you coming back for more but for me it was a rent but a great one at that. The replay value isn't there but mostly everything else is solid.
A unique idea, and great gameplay make it that much better.