Good fun with friends online

This is like Quake 3, meaning it's basically a online game only. Yes it has single player mode; but it's basically useful to practice flying your helo and jets. It's basically extremely fun when a squad really works together; but just average to fustrating when their is no organization (50% pick-me up games tend to be that way).

If you play and are on a squad with VOIP this game is extremely satisfying whether winning or getting wiped; most of it is the comradery that your squad builds with one another. In matter of fact, just being in a good squad makes a world of differece, even if the rest of the players outside the squad are'nt organized or effective. On the downside, playing solo on multiplayer w/o squad organization or friends can get quite tedious or even boring at times. The reason is that this game involves organized play to be fun and/or successful - well if your team sucks you can't really make that big of a difference because everyone here is a role player excluding a really dominate aviator or helo pilot (and sometimes too many ppl wait on those too much).

The graphics are top-notch, runs great on my system with everything set to highest quality The graphics are not the most state of art, but more then good enough to wet the appetite. The sound is good; nothing stands out but nothing negative about it either. I'm sure it would be great if I could have tested it on a surround sound setup; that would have made a whale of a difference.

Finally, the stats of BF2 are just fantastic; all games should look at BF2 as a example of a perisistant character in-game. I gave a high reviewer's tilt because with friends this game is at it's best; funner then most, if not all first person action shooter I've played.