Final Fantasy X will make you laugh, cry, jump for joy, and celebrate right along with its very well designed characters

I have played every single Final Fantasy game to ever be made. I have played even the gameboy ones, as well as the exceedingly simple Mystic Quest. That is not to say I have beaten them all, but I have experienced well over 10 hours of each.
That said, Final Fantasy X easily is one of my favorites, if not THE favorite.

Gameplay: As with all other Final Fantasies, X has a turn based combat system, random battles, and an insanely good story. There is really not much to say about the gameplay except that FFX has some of the best gameplay for any Final Fantasy made yet.

The Story is probably the best part of the game. The characters are easily likable, the locales memorable, and the development is epic. You will play this game for about 4 hours, then take a break, and realize you miss this parallel world that is FFX. I won't spoil anything, but Final Fantasy X features one of the best storylines to appear in any RPG to date.

Graphics: It is obvious FFX's graphics are still some of the best to be seen for the PS2.

Sound: The music in this game is superb. I still hum the tunes in my head once in a while, and it has been months since i beat the game. Sound effects are also wonderfully done.

Value: at a mere 20$ for the Greatest Hits version, FFX is a bargain.

Tilt: For fans of the RPG genre, Final Fantasy is concidered the defining game. This particular installment renews that trust. Although there are a few other RPGs out there that you may enjoy more, Final Fantasy X is a must for any RPG fan. Even fans of other genre's will love this immensely entertaining game.