Pretty good

User Rating: 8.3 | Mortal Kombat: Armageddon PS2
This game is...hard to describe. Lets see, there are a few new things in this game. Such as Kreate A Kombatant and Motor Kombat. In Kreate A Kombatant you basically just...create a person to fight with. In Motor Kombat you get to race around in little cars and try to place first by using your one special move. There are a few unlockables in this game. But not as much as before. Arcade mode is decent...fight to the top of the ladder. Konquest is a little better though. More of a story line. This game is very much of a strategy fighter. The moves are all about stringing combos. But it gets tough when you cant actually remember the moves. Especially when there is a whopping 58 characters and an extra 4 to unlock. You get two fighting styles. Usually its a fist/foot style and a sword or other weapon. Sometime it could just be two different fist/foot styles. The most enjoyable part of the game is stringing together awesome fatalities and of course the knocking your opponent into death bringing traps.

Multiplayer is what you would expect. Kick the living daylights out of your opponent. There is also online play. But its the same.

So I suggest that if your a fan of Mortal Kombat you will love this game. But if your not to much of a fan I suggest you rent it first and see where you end up.