The first part of Mortal Kombat 3, good but better options out there.

User Rating: 8 | Mortal Kombat 3 SNES
Well if the second game had to deliver due to expectation this one had to so it didn't let the budding series down, as for the look of the game once again this was an improvement of the last game, but as far as the 2D series of games goes it pretty much doesn't change much overall from this other than being more detailed as the systems got more powerful, but in my opinion it is a good looking game and everything is just that bit faster than the previous game thins time with an added combo system that letter get's refined as the games go on and even more ways to finish you opponents with new Animalities after the activation of the new Mercy move, Animalities were moves that were originally rumoured to have been in the second arcade game so the team started making it a habit of including things that were rumours or even glitches such as the character Ermac was. So even more moves to remember, and if you thought remembering in the second game would be hard it's near impossible to do it for every one in this game. On the whole though this game is more of the same compared to the last one overall it's much harder though but due to it being pretty much the same in overall size it's a bit of a let down and if anything this really is far from the complete game when other versions get taken into account, but it's still fun and well worth it to see the natural progression of the game.

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