Straight from the mouth of a MK fan -- worst Mortal Kombat ever!

User Rating: 5.1 | Mortal Kombat 3 PC
Back in the day, fans of the popular and bloody Mortal Kombat series were swarming arcades to play this latest version. Many say it was the best MK; I say it was definitely the worst. Here are a few reasons:

Klassic kombatants: Many of the kool kharacters were gone from the roster and replaced with weirdos. Klassics like Scorpion, Johnny Cage and Raiden were absent from this game altogether. And Sub-Zero went unmasked, disappointing many who would rather carry on the klassic ninja masks.

Oriental to Western: Many of the mystical Oriental themes that made the first two games feel like a fictional world was dropped in place of grimey arenas. Who would want to fight in a dirty subway instead of a living forest? A bank instead of the Dead Pool? The music was also changed to heavy metal which was a rather disgusting turn. All fonts had changed to some industrial writing instead of the cooler yellow text in MK2. The kombatants also weren't the cool type. Stryker? Who'd want to play a cop in Mortal Kombat?

Those were the main issues of that game. Other additions were welcome such as the transition arenas, and the larger ending pictures. But this Mortal Kombat was best left unpurchased, but I had to buy it.