Insanely awesome.

Call of Duty: Finest Hour is the best WWII shooter I have ever come upon. Each mission gives a completely different feel than the one before it. There's a wide variety of weapons to be salvaged in the game, from PPsHs that fire 900 rpm, to Panzerschrecks that can rip a tank to pieces, to a G43 with which you can pick people off with. The tank battles are fun but sometimes frustrating, since the machine-gun hurts your thumb after you press down on the analog stick too long and it's also not too accurate.

The cutscenes are horrible. The characters mouths sometimes don't move at all, their faces are twisted in some way, and the camera sometimes zooms in so that you can see the hollow insides of Sgt. Church. The melee is bad in that sometimes you're a millimeter away from a Nazi's face and when you try to hit him, you miss.

Overall, it's a great game that should belong in everyone's game collection.