one year i've waited for this masterpiece..

User Rating: 9.5 | Mortal Kombat PS3
been a fan of mortal kombat since i was 6 years old, that was when mortal kombat II 1st came out..been enjoying the characters, fighting system and FATALITIES!! its so sick, yet enjoyable..below are the list of pros and cons i will give for this game..

pros : superb characters, 2D fighting plane, excellent graphics, too much blood and gore, interesting story, challenge tower (highly addictive), 4 player local for the 1st time, tag team mode, its fun how they combined babality and friendship, can play as kratos in PS3 (the version which im playing right now)

cons : i thought i heard brutalities sound leak, but theres no brutalities..they could come up more stage fatalities, i'm sure they'll do so in future DLC..

this is definitely the best MK in the series, i rated MK deception 2nd place, armageddon 3rd place (big roster means nothing if you dont have one's own personality in fatalities)

thats all folks, enjoy this great game..