Back with a vengeance!

User Rating: 10 | Mortal Kombat PS3
This is how MK should be, this game isn't noob friendly, you must put your time into learning the combos. There's a combo list, but they are just basic, the best part is that you could come up with your own combos by mixing them with special moves and even more things unknown to me. When it comes to online matchmaking, the game has a feature known as "King of The Hill", this is more like a lobby in a theater mode form, like that of Netflix, but everyone get's the choice to express their opinions by doing taunts, also, at the end of the battle, players get to vote how well or how bad the fight was, and even throw tomatoes at the screen. Aside from that, we got story mode and challenge towel, in story mode, when it comes to a fighting game, you rarely get to see an interesting story, this surprised me, it kept me interested and time went by flying and the best part is that it's a pretty long story mode. In challenge mode, there are up to 300 challenges to unlock, and trust me, they aren't easy... Overall this is an amazing game even if you're not a fighting game fan, I had a couple of friends try it and they were left speechless, for the hardcore MK fans, this is a dream that just came true!!

- EmbodiedArgosax