Greatest Mortal Kombat yet

User Rating: 10 | Mortal Kombat PS3
Mortal Kombat is one of the greatest fighting series around. Its violent for those that enjoy all the gore that comes with fighting. Fatalities add icing to the cake and are a HUGE improvement from the last installment against DC.

I really loved the story. One of the few games that I actually care what happens and sat through all the cinematic ( even though you can't skip through it). It answers most questions about how characters developed through the series and is more intense than previous titles. Nothing was censored here which is another reason I really liked it.

Although it may seem clunky at times, its the same as the previous MK games since I played Deadly Alliance on the original Xbox. Combos are nice and short because who really wants to memorize 5 plus inputs? Fatalities and combos are easy to input and they even have a mode where you can practice pulling off a fatality. Other than doing the combos they give you, those are just stepping stones and you can add more to them with practice.

I have yet to get online because I want to get good or decent first. I've read of people experiencing lag and having trouble finding rooms. I remember having this problem on Deception when Game Spy controlled the online servers which were mediocre at best.

This is one of the few games I would have bought the collectors edition to if I had known just how great it was. From the story to the amount of other modes this is a well spent 60$ in my opinion. If you've like previous MK titles on the current gen you will LOVE this one with all the content they have. I wouldn't suggest it for people who like the street fighter setup because this may seem a bit slow and clunky.