Soooo I'm like 0-89 online...

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I've been ripped in half, shrunk then stepped on, and decapitated more times than I want to remember. The humiliation is unbearable, what can I do to get good at this game!! lol

For the record I have never really played fighting games like this like ever so this is all new to me

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Block Block Block BLOCK!!!!! Get used to blocking a lot especially down block! Pick a character that you like to use and if your a beginner choose someone like scorpion or sub-zero because their abilities are very good. Go on youtube and look up their combos. Do not attack recklessly because if you mess up than you will be punished. Do not teleport just because they are far instead combo teleports in. And as always practise.

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I know this sounds cheap but whenever I'm up against someone too hard I do jump punch and follow it with uppercut.

I dunno why but it always seems to screw over the super good people.