Mort the Chicken Cheats For PlayStation

  1. Debug Mode

    Debug Functions: GLB Time Bar: Press Select on a screen (start, main, etc) to toggle it on or off. When active, press R2 to make Mort cluck. The clucking effect is controlled by the "Play Sound" option in the debug menu. You need to press R2 to play the sounds. Level Select: Pause the game and select the "Tally" option. Then, go to the "Level Select" option. This option is available by default, but all levels will be unlocked now. Debug Menu: Pause the game and press Select. You will be presented with a menu called "Game Parameters". Press Up/Triangle or Down/X to scroll through the list. Use the Left or Square button to decrease the values; Right or Circle to increase them.

    Code Effect
    DBGON Debug Mode On
    DBGOFF Debug Mode Off
    FLY Shows a FMV of Mort swatting a fly.
    BXBZ Cube FMV 1
    YXZZ Cube FMV 2
    OOXX Joke 1
    OXOX Joke 2
    OXOO Joke 3
    XOXX Joke 4
    XXXX Joke 5
    CLOUD Gives Mort a long neck.
    STACKS Unlock all levels.
    PEACOCK Makes Mort colorful as a peacock.
    TOUGH Infinite Health
    BONUS Play the bonus level.
    LAUNCH Higher jumping.
    LUNCH Have more energy.
    NONECK Mort has no neck.
    BIG Makes Mort big.
    STOP Infiinite Time
    BYBX Unknown 1
    BBYZ Unknown 2
    BAYX Unknown 3
    BXBX Unknown 4

    Contributed by: Mezmorize99