Within an otherwise repetitive game,The Blob Levels Make This Game a Must Try For Puzzle Fans.

User Rating: 7.5 | Monsters vs. Aliens X360
Monsters Vs Aliens, provides a few decent hours of gaming that offers both variation but sadly also tedium.

The game is split into three different forms of traditional gaming, such as on-rails skating with Susan, Puzzle solving and shooting with Blob and BeatemUp quick time eventful gaming with the Missing Link.

All of the three are fairly entertaining, Bob the blob's puzzle solving is by far the best, where you have to really use your brain when traversing levels. Susan's roller skating is fun in itself but is too short and sparsely used in the game compared to the other two counterparts. The Link's Beat-em-up style levels are by far the most tedious, they start off as fun incorporating quick time events nicely, but by the 6th or 7th level its just same old same old.

The game is very well pollished, the moves that you can do with all 3 monsters are well executed, which is a feat considering that they are so different from each other. the only problem the game suffers with is the repetition, and it suffers strongly from it in the 2nd half of the game.

Whilst the game can be completely in just a few hours, i would'nt advise anyone too try and beat it in a weekend rental, as the game can get mind numbingly repetitive. Only the most hardcore of gamerscore collectors dare try and do that.

It is a shame that a game with 3 distinctively entertaining gaming elements, suffers so heavily from bland repetition. All 3 of the characater specific gameplay levels throughout the game are executed well, but its mainly due to the overused Missing Link levels that the game turns into a grind. That being said The Blob's puzzle levels are worthy of a XBLA release on its own, similar to Portal or Exit, puzzle fans should look beyond the movie tie-in stigma and give it a go simply for those mind bendingly challenging levels