....What can I say? Its not great but it is fun though.

User Rating: 8 | Monsters vs. Aliens WII
Well I must say the movie was good but the game does have its pros and cons. For one you get to see our favorite blob, B.O.B. Susan, Dr. Cockroach, Insectosaurus, and The Missing Link. Overall to me I felt it was short but even in a short time you did have fun while it lasted.
Each character has its own quirks. The Missing Link's missions play more like a standard action adventure as you bust things up and attack enemies. Ginormica, meanwhile, uses vehicles as skates and B.O.B. passes through objects and regurgitates things at bad guys. Excessive loading and some cheap deaths (it's often difficult figuring out where B.O.B. can go and where he can't) knocks the game down a few pegs, but overall, Monsters vs. Aliens is surprisingly good for a movie licensed game. Its varied levels keep things from too repetitive and the slapstick humor will amuse children which is a plus.
Most movies made into games are horrible and this one isnt the best but it will keep you and the kids busy having fun over the weekend.