Okay if you like the movie (and I do), but not the best movie tie-in game (UP is!).

User Rating: 5.5 | Monsters vs. Aliens PS2
Good graphics in the PS2 version, and the sound is okay, and for short bursts of play it is quite fun, especially for younger children. But it is one of those "on rails" games where you have to follow the game's preset paths and have no freedom as such. I really expect games not to be like that any more - the game for Pixar's UP is so much better with much more freedom and choices, so get that first if you're into these CG movie tie-in games, and wait for this to be discounted.

The game sort of follows the movie's plot, although a lot of it is "behind the scenes" as it were, involving quite a few levels that attempt to show things that happened in between parts of the movie, such as the monsters attempting to break out of their secret government confinement prior to Gallaxhar's giant robot probe arriving on earth. That sort of thing. It's okay, fun to play now and again, but it is no classic.

Personally I love all the DreamWorks, Pixar and so on CG movies, and it's nice to have the games to go with them, which I do, for my family to enjoy as well as myself. So in that sense, this is an okay game as part of the overall collection, but no more than that.