This is the funniest game I ever played so far not to mention it's pretty easy

User Rating: 9.5 | Monsters vs. Aliens WII
i loved the movie and then I knew there was a game out and I thought I would dislike it because it looked to hard and I don't really like games that are too difficult and awkward to get or games that are too simplistic and just out of the difficulty, but as I played it, I am really loving it so far it's a funny and amazing game especially the missing link stages, those were awesome. In the movie, Ginormica aka 'Susan' is my favorite character but in the game, her and bob's levels are kinda boring because bob is suppose to slither and snoop all over the place such and so and Ginormica's levels could get very dull because all she does is skate in the whole game expect the story. The story did seem good but I like the missing link in this game. His levels are more awesome and fun than the others but bob's levels are still kinda neat. Dr. cockroach unfortunately he and Insectosaurs have no levels because his job is to help you along the way but you can play with him with controller #2 because all he'll do is shoot at enemies. Insectosaurus all he does is wobble around in a goofy way and stupidly (oops sorry to offend you:}) But this game was pretty cool the music were nice but the voices kinda changed so they are not in tone well...

Even though i really love it, i wouldn't say it's a masterpiece or the best game ever but is decently impressive and will get the 8 year olds going more. They might mention this is the best game I ever played!
Well, I don't know I never saw another kid play this game and been appealed by it.

I think I recommend age 8 and up will like this cause there are violence popping out of nowhere in it and I don't want to scare or evil up smaller children.