*Yawn* Waste of time.

Lets see....about the only freaking thing they improved in this game was.......uhhh......well there is the uhhh...no they didnt change that...well they did change the....wait no they didnt.. hmmm..

*sigh* This game runs smooth and looks good but its just to difficult and has a really FAKE system of customization. You should earn money/credits by playing ball. Then you should get to spend that money/ credits on buying clothes, cars, houses, pools, women, moves, and special abilities. Also stuff in the game should have to be unlocked by playing in special tournaments and not just be available whenever you have the cash.

Even at the beginning the game's difficulty is frustrating but if you stick at it you can beat everything but still the difficulty of the game prevents you from really having fun. Work is not fun. Games are suppose to be fun.

In this version some genius thought it would be a good idea to make you pick what position your guy plays like gaurd or center. Your choice determines what your maximum stats will be in all the catagories. For instance a center is a crappy long distance shooter and caps out at like 40/99. You can buy clothes and stuff that boost attributes but nothing is going to make your center be a long range sniper.

Which to me is like counter intuitive to what the game is suppose to be about. Your suppose to be some ghetto fabulous street baller with all kinds of mad skills.

Oh yeah and the "free roaming" the ign reviewer mentioned is more like crappy side scroller with turns. Free Roam would have been sweet and god only knows why they didnt do it!! The stupid people and environments ARE 3d they just dont let you move around that way?? Can you say dumb??

Im not a sports fanatic but the concept of building up a baller and improving his stats, buying stuff, winning things was appealing but this game is just a let down. Why cant they make FUN sports games?? Oh man and dont even get me started on all these companies that release 2-3 different version of a sport each and every year. The sports genre is a WASTE OF SPACE. Do yourselves a favor and go buy Kingdom Hearts 2 instead.