Better than they say!!!

User Rating: 7 | Monster Madness: Battle for Suburbia X360
I had always wanted this game but there where 2 problems: I had nither a 360 or PS3, and my computer didn't have the system requirements. But now i have a 360, and i finaly got it! It isn't as bad as they say! Granted it is suprisingly dificult without someone else, but it gets easier as you go along, you get used to the controles too. The vehical levels are especialy hard without someone to man the wepons, but a true gamer can do it. Granted it can get old after a while, but somehow it keeps you playing. Another thing is that trying to find charecter specific wepons is tediouse, but you don't really need to. The comic book cutsenes are creative and somewhat funny, but the plot is thin. So this is a good game to try if you love top down shooters and or action games involving zombies!