A hugely Underrated game.

User Rating: 8.5 | Monster Hunter PS2
Monster Hunter is probably one of the most underrated games ever.The score of this game is probably acurate, the fighting is clumsy, there isn't alot of Sound effects, and its generally a average game,BUT the games fun factor is around 8 to 9. This is a very fun game made by Capcom and I really enjoy it and thats the main thing. As you can tell by the name of the game, you are a hunter, but you don't hunt snow tigers or elephants or any boring stuff, you hunt, yea you guessed it, Monsters. Some monsters are just dinosaurs, some are massive boars, others aren't even monsters there just deer. Then there are the biggest and most dangerous monsters of them all, Dragons! Wyverns! and weird sand sharks! There are allot of missions arranged by their difficulty from 1 star missions to 5 star missions, these missions range from slaying Wyverns to gathering mushrooms (yea mushrooms).There are two types of missions, gathering missions where you must gather a certain amount of items and Hunting missions where you either slay a Dragon or slay a load of small carnivores. You'll enjoy the Hunting missions more than the item missions because when you play through the item mission a second time the items are in the exact same places as they were the first time, but the item missions are still important. As you're searching for items you will find items that you can keep, these can be sold, OR you can combine them to make other items, and you'll need to collect items to create armour (you can buy armour but there usually weaker and you'll eventually be forced to start creating armour). You can also create and improve weapons with items. There are 6 types of weapons, The sword with quick attacks and a shield to block attacks, The Great sword, a massive blade it only has 3 attacks and is very very clumsy but is very powerfull, Dual swords, two swords one in each hand lets you let loose with fast strike but it can't block, Hammer, can't block but it's very strong, The lance, very long and lets you move and block at the same time, and the Bowgun, lets you fire arrows at monsters but its dangerous if they get close to you, does have a melee attack. There are plenty of weapons so you can pick one to fit your fighting style, one problem is the combat mechanics in Monster Hunter are very clumsy. When attacking on Monster Hunter you don't press Square or Circle or X or Triangle to attack, you push forward on the right analog stick, you push in differend directions to pull off different attacks, these attacks can be strung together to pull off simple combos, but you can't change direction in mid attack, so you have to stop slashing and change position if a monster jumps out of the way. Now you're probably asking "so if you fight with the right analog stick how do you move the camera?" You move the camera with the D-pad, and by pressing L1, this centers the camera.The animation on Monster Hunter is excellent, the backgrounds look huge and the forests are dense, the Monsters move in realistic ways and so does your character.Water animation could have been a little better, the game does have blood but not much, I do have one complaint and its that your character is fully customiseable, you choose his/her voice (when I say voice I mean how they say Yah hah huh YAR! when they attack) choose their skin colour choose their hairstyle and hair colour. But when you get your armour you can't see your character under all the metal. But other than that the animation looks great.While I was playing I did encounter some AI issiues, sometimes you'll be slashing at a Dragons face and it will just stand there like a complete idiot, some of the smaller carnivores just stand there despite the fact your stood 3 feet away from them in there direct line of vision. Another thing is that when a dragon comes into the same area as a pack of velociraptor like creatures they start attacking you instead of running away from the dragon, its like they are helping the dragon kill you, some monsters only attack you if you attack them first, but if a dragon hurts a pig (which charges if you hurt it) it starts charging you instead of the dragon, this can lead to disaster...There isn't that much sound track, the monsters seem to all make the same "roarrr"So this games overall probably deserves a low sore but like I said its fun, you can go online with up to 4 players, slaying dragons is fun and exciting, and when you kill your first dragon, you will either breath a sigh of relief that it didn't kill you first, or you will jump up and shout something like "YEAAAHEHEHEEEESSSSS!!!" you can see through its problem then your going to love this game, don't get it if you're picky and like your games to be perfect.