Monster Hunter Cheats For PlayStation 2

  1. Trade Money Online

    Normally players cannot exchange money with other players. However, on the day that the marketplace has it's half price sale, you can buy Genprey Fangs and Ioprey Fangs from the old man in the upper-left of the screen for the same price that you can sell them for. One player can buy the fangs and trade them to a second player who can sell them. In this way you can trade money to other players.

    Contributed by: Yedokai 

  2. Gallery

    Code Effect
    Beat the offline 5-star mission 'Slay the Rathian' Rathian ecology

    Contributed by: SpikeOut4Ever 

  3. Unlocking Gallery Movies

    All of these quests are from offline and are 5 star or Urgent Quests

    Code Effect
    Beat Horn Of The Monoblos Hall Of Heros
    Beat Terror Of The Gravios Gravios Ecology
    Best The Shadow In The Cave Khezu Ecology
    Beat The Runaway Diablos Diablos Ecology
    Beat Slay the Rathian Rathian Ecology
    Beat Water Wyvern In The Desert Plesioth Ecology

    Contributed by: Soul Reaver4 

  4. Offline Secret Urgent Quests

    ALL QUESTS MUST have been completed to unlock these. All you need to do is make one armor piece, not a full set. You don't have to wear them.

    Code Effect
    A Vespoid Armor Piece The Shadow in the Cave
    A Monoblos Armor Piece The Runaway Diablos
    A Cephalos Armor Piece Terror of the Gravios
    Complete Terror of the Gravios Handle with Care
    Complete ALL quests and secret quests A Troublesome Pair

    Contributed by: Kyo978 

  5. Sword behind your house Offline

    After Clearing the 5 star rathalos urgent quest you talk to to the village elder. He will then congratulate you. After this go behind the house and press Square to obtain it.

    Contributed by: omega bahumat 

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