Monster Hunter Freedom Unite Cheats For PSP

  1. Gallery Area Movies

    The area movies are unlocked by doing your first quest at a specific area.
    At the beginning from the quest you will see a cut-scene

    For all areas except tower this happens at the base camp.
    For the tower intro you must head to Area 1 first to trigger the cut-scene.

    Code Effect
    Do 1 quest at the beach area. Beach Intro
    Do 1 quest at the desert area. Desert Intro
    Do 1 quest at the Forest & Hills area. Forest & Hills Intro
    Do 1 quest at the mountain area. Mountains Intro
    Do 1 quest at the swamp area. Swamp Intro
    Do 1 quest at the tower area. Tower Intro
    Do 1 quest at the volcano area. Volcano Intro

    Contributed by: LawOfVitality 

  2. Monster Intro Gallery Movies

    Gallery movies can be unlocked by encountering certain monsters, as well as doing certain things in the game.

    The intro movies are the cutscenes you will see when you encounter a monster for the very first time.

    Code Effect
    Encounter a Babakonga Babakonga Intro
    Encounter a Diablos Diablos Intro
    Encounter a Dodobrango Dodobrango Intro
    Encounter a Dos fango Dos Fango Intro
    Encounter a Gizami Gizami Intro
    Encounter a Gravios Gravios Intro
    Encounter a Khezu Khezu Intro
    Do the purple dress lady urgent quest Kusharudaora Intro 1
    ncounter a Kusharudaora in the mountains Kusharudaora Intro 2
    Encounter a Monoblos Monoblos Intro
    Do the Nana teskatory urgent quest Nana Teskatory Intro 1
    Do the Nana teskatory quest at the tower Nana Teskatory Intro 2
    Encounter a Rathalos Rathalos Intro
    Encounter a Rathian Rathian Intro
    Encounter a Velocidrome Velocidrome Intro
    Encounter a Yian Kut Ku Yian Kut Ku Intro
    Encounter a Zazami Zazami Intro
    Encounter Kirin at the Mountain Area Kirin Intro
    Do the lao shan lung quest requested by the legendary blacksmith Lao Shan Lung Intro
    Encounter Oonazuchi at the Forest & Hills Area Oonazuchi Intro
    Encounter Teo teskatoru at the Volcano Area Teo Teskatoru Intro
    Encounter Akantor Akantor
    Encounter Fatalis Fatalis Intro
    Encounter Crimson Fatalis Crimson Fatalis Intro
    Encounter Ancient Fatalis Ancient (White) Fatalis Intro
    Encounter Ucamulbu Ucamulbu Intro
    Encounter Hypnoc Hypnoc Intro
    Encounter Yamatukami Yamatukami Intro
    Encounter Narugakaruga Narugakaruga Intro
    Encounter Volganos Volganos Intro
    Encounter a Rahjan in the Elder Dual Rahjan quest Rahjan Intro
    Encounter a Giadrome Giadrome Intro
    Encounter a Cephadrome Cephadrome Intro
    Encounter a Gypceros Gypceros Intro
    Encounter a Garuga Yian Garuga Intro

    Contributed by: LawOfVitality 

  3. Monster Ecology Movies

    Code Effect
    Slay a Babakonga Babakonga ecology
    Slay the kusharudaora at the Mountain area Kusharudaora ecology
    Slay the zazami in the desert crab urgent quest Zazami ecology
    Slay a Diablos Diablos ecology
    Slay an Akantor Akantor ecology
    Slay a Plesioth Plesioth ecology
    Slay a Rathian Rathian ecology
    Slay a Khezu Khezu ecology
    Slay a Tigrex Tigrex ecology
    Slay a Gravios Gravios ecology

    Contributed by: LawOfVitality 

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