Monster Hunter Freedom 2 Cheats For PSP

  1. Gallery Movies

    Gallery movies can be unlocked by encountering certain monsters, as well as doing certain things in the game.

    Code Effect
    Encounter a Kirin A Phantom Appears
    Slay Akantor Akantor Ecology
    Spot Yian Kut-Ku Behold The Kut-Ku
    Complete the "Volcano Gathering" Quest Burning Rock
    Ecnounter a Congalala Congalala Ecology
    Defeat Daiymo Hermitaur Daiymo Hermitaur Ecology
    Spot Chameleos Deep Forest Illusion
    Encounter a Cephadrome Desert Hunter
    Encounter a Diablos Desert Tyrant
    Encounter a Diablos Diablos Ecology
    Encounter a Lunastra Empress of Flame
    Encounter a Gravios Gravios Ecology
    Defeat Khezu Khezu ecology
    Encounter a Kushala Daora Kushala Daora Ecology
    Spot Lao Shan Lung Lao Shan Lung
    Spot Khezu Light In The Dark
    Complete the "Forest and Hills" Gathering Quest Location Of Eternity
    Spot Daiymo Hermitaur One Horned Daiymo
    Defeat Plesioth Plesioth Ecology
    Encounter a Tigrex in the 5* Elder Urgent Quest Raging Tigrex
    Encounter a Rathian Rathian Ecology
    Spot Monoblos Roar Of The Horn
    Spot Yian Garuga Roar of the Wolf
    Encounter a Kushala Daora at Jungle Shadow in the Tempest
    Complete the "Mountain Gathering" Quest Silver World
    Spot Kushala Daora Steel In The Blizzard
    Encounter a Giadrome Sterling Hunter
    Encounter a Shogun Ceanataur in 4* Elder Quest The Devil's Scythe
    Complete the "Jungle Gathering" Quest The Green of the Land
    Encounter a Congalala The Jungle Outlaw
    Spot Plesioth The Piscine Plesioth
    Spot Gypceros The Poison Gypceros
    Encounter a Bulldrome The Roaring King
    Encounter a Velocidrome The Sly Hunter
    Entered the swamp ara for the first time The Still Swamp
    Leave Camp in Tower Area The Tower
    Ecnounter a Tigrex The Tyrant Tigrex
    Encounter a Blangonga The White Darkness
    Encounter a Tigrex in the 5* Elder Urgent Quest Tigrex Ecology
    Encounter Akantor Tyrannical Roar
    Encounter a Gravios Volcanic Leader
    Entered the desert area for the first time White Night Dune
    spot Shen Gaoren Lao Shan Lung!?
    Slay Fatalis Legend of Flight
    Slay Crimson Fatalis Anger and Calamity
    Spot Azure Lao-Shan Lung Rocky Mountain Dragon
    Encounter White Fatalis The Ancestor
    Encounter Elder Village Rajang The Raging Rajang
    Encounter Elder Village Teostra Emperor of Flame
    Encounter G-rank Lunastra Revived Queen's Battle
    Defeat Akantor All videos

    Contributed by: FishSquared 

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