what do you guys think?

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i guess i'm kind of in a pickle of sorts. i love monster hunting games (get a quest, go out and kill monster(s), collect their loot/body parts to sell/upgrade equipment, etc), but for whatever reason i couldn't enjoy/get into monster hunter freedom unite on psp, which i downloaded onto my vita about a year ago. since then, i've tried to play it again multiple times, starting a new story and character but something turns me off while i'm playing.

i think the main thing is the fact that everything the character does is soo slow. in my oppinion, he runs and swings his sword two miles an hour..which makes me loose health and pass out way too quickly. for example, the last time i tried to replay the game (a while ago..) i had to fight a group of raptor-type monsters and literally they all would gang up on me and before i barely had a chance to get back up after they knocked me down, i'd be on the ground again. so i'd try running away and theyd catch up to me two seconds later cause my guy runs so slow. D:

so i don't know if it's me being dumb or what, and i know that the weight of the gear/weapon plays a role in the speed of the units actions but its just such a pain in the beginning at least. i'm in love with the god eater series and burst is one of my favorite games i've ever played. so i suppose my question is this: should i try this one for the 3ds? i know the demo will be out shortly and i'm definitely downloading it. but i was curious to see what others thought of my predicaments with this particular series. i really want to like the monster hunter series of games, so i'm hoping there is a way for me to enjoy it more than i have in the past. :)

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if you don't like the speed of the character there isn't a whole lot to do about it unfortunately... Although it's important to dodge, simply running around with your weapon sheathed is only going to let you avoid so much. Timing appropriate dodges is key. Essentially get all the enemies attention, dodge when they attack, draw your weapon and hit them until you see them advancing for another attack. Dodge/sheath your weapon, then repeat the process. Proper strategy against specific monsters obviously has more involved than that above, but these are things you need to either learn yourself or learn from FAQs, and are far too many to fit into a single post. The speed of the game is set to create a sense of risk and reward. If you were able to attack and kill every enemy without fear (like a hack and slash game, dynasty warriors, god of war etc.) it would completely change the entire feel of monster hunter, and most of the people who enjoy it's unique gameplay would move away from the series.
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This is the style of the game. There is no lock on, everything is fairly slow and you have stamina. The game is though to beginners, and takes times to get used to. You are slow, and they gang up on you so you gotta learn the timing of your current weapon set's attacks and learn to dodge. Sooner you fight monsters bigger than your screen. All about learning your weapon and learning the enemies' move sets. Really fun with friends and when you put in enough time to get good at it.

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In this one there is a lock on actually. The speed is something you have to get used to ,though the dual blades are prob your best bet for speed. One thing you have to keep in mind with them is you will be in place a long time with the demon dance so only use it when you're sure you won't get hit :)

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gotcha, thanks so much for all the responses! hrm, ill definitely have to give it another go because i really want to enjoy this series, dagnabit. i love games with this kind of back bone so i really dont know why i wouldnt enjoy monster hunter. maybe now that im a bit more familiarized with the set up (i knew about it previously but didnt really take it into consideration too much) ill be able to really sit down and stick with it. because it sounds like one of the most rewarding experiences a video game could offer its player. :)
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You'll just have to accept the game's rythm and synchronize with it, no amounst of crying and QQ will make it enjoyable for you. Monster Hunter is Monster Hunter, not what you want it to be. It's not an easy game you know, it's only natural to be put off by it when you're just starting.

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give it time you'll eventually fall in love with it I promise. this is my first monster hunter (I hated the demo and it almost made me hate the series) but took a chance anyway and now I have over 100 hours playing time. In fact, I'm so enamored with the series that I'm gonna post a blog about it soon so ill cut this short.