Multiplayer Question

#1 Posted by Phoenix_Down89 (67 posts) -

I was wondering if you can have a WiiU 3DS and another WiiU play at the same time?

The 3DS will be local to one of the WiiU's.

I know you can do 1 WiiU and 3 3DS's locally.

and also I know you can do 4 WiiU's over wifi.

#2 Posted by chaosarmor (111 posts) -

Just like you said you can only do one Wii U + one 3DS locally. Same with 4x Wii U's on wifi but nothing more. They said they were gonna allow a patch to use your Wii U as a kinda wifi connectivity thing for a 3Ds to play online with the 3DS but you cant use the Wii U while it's in that mode. They are kinda heading in the direction of the PS3's Ad-Hoc party where you can use your PS3 to connect a PSP online and play onilne like that. Though they said taht the next monster hunter 4 will have online play for the 3DS not just local.

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ah okay thanks for confirming!