Is this game worth it for the 3DS?

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So I used to own a Wii and played a lot of Tri, then got rid of it sense my Wii kinda crapped out on me after having it for 4 years and it was a amazing system and I miss it now and then, but I miss playing Monster Hunter a lot and yet I don't know if I have the money to invest in a WiiU just yet so I was thinking of getting a 3DS for Monster Hunter and other games that I could enjoy. So I noticed that they didn't put multiplayer in the 3DS version which sucks in a way because I enjoyed playing with other Hunters online when I could so does that take away somethings from the game like it did in Tri, Like Tri you could only get + gear online, or is this like Unite were you can go the Offline Lobby and do the hard G Rank quests alone. So was just wondering if its worth it for the 3DS or just wait till I can get a WiiU?

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Yes its worth it.

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I bought a 3DS XL to get this game, yes it is worth it.

You can solo through the full game, low rank, hi rank and G rank.  You can also connect online and download all the event quests, and play them anytime.  So unlike Tri the full game is always available.

For 3DS Multiplayer you can connect with other 3DS players to play locally, you can also do that with a WiiU.  Additionally if you have both the 3DS and WiiU versions of the game you can transfer your character between the two so that's cool.

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I'd also suggest getting the Circle pad pro. Having 2 analog sticks makes the game so much better!