Is it just me or........

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Do the monsters seem easier in this? It feels like they are doing less damage and dying much faster does anyone else feel this way? I thought maybe it has to do with the new G rank but then I think nah im just really good at this **** But seriously does it seem easier to anyone else?

#2 Posted by tigercub010 (4 posts) -

The devs mentioned they adjusted the difficulty curve to make it more managable, so the monsters are easier in the low rank quests (Star 1-5) than their Tri counterparts. This is slightly balance by having specific types of armor spheres being harder to achieve, example being I always have a hard time finding Armor Sphere+. I have noticed though that the jumps in rank are more clever now. High Rank Monsters put up a better fight that doesn't feel cheap.

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Yeah, They adjusted it down a notch for "low" Rank quest, since They will be expecting new players on this series as this is thier first ever game on Nintendo systems.. but, once u get to "High" Rank, that's when the real fun starts.. :cool: