i have a 3ds and ive got no one to play monster hunter 3u with T_T

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really.any random stranger wanna play with me?im from singapore :D
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Hello there! Where of Singapore do you stay at? If you're interested; I'm meeting up with a group of other hunters that are also strangers @ Fusionpolis, (just above One-North MRT Station) Starbucks @ around lunchtime (1200~1300) on the 27th Apr 2013. :)
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haha i dont really mind going there! ill try to be there this saturday.thanks! :D
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Awesome! See ya there mate :) Welcome aboard~
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is there anyway of identification?i mean its like we are meeting total strangers and we dont even know how the other looks like. :O
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Bahahaha, I've met um 2 other guys so the remaining ones are a mystery. Heheh, we'll recognize each other just fine with the sound of Monster Hunter and 3DS-holding people xD!! Or unless there's a secure way to give each other our contacts?
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a social network perhaps?do you have twitter or some sort maybe i could add you or follow you? because i dont know anyone so it would be really awkward for me XD
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Hey buddy, check your inbox. I PM'ed you on my contact info. :)