Best Great Sword combo

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Looking for other peoples ideas, I made this one up on my own through playing.


Full Goldbeard Ceadeus (G-Rank and 8 slots): +1 Sharpness, High Grade Earplugs, Blunt Edge

Rare10 Brunnhilde (1200 Raw, 380 Poison) 3 slot: +3 Sheathing -1 Sharpening; +1 Sheathing -1 Sharpening

Two +3 Crit draw -1 Expert jewels = +6 CritDraw (takes up a total of 4 slots) -2 Expert

Four +1 Crit draw -1 Expert jewels = +4 CritDraw (takes up 4 slots) -4 Expert

____________________________Total so far = +1 Sharpness, High Grade Earplugs, Blunt Edge, Critical Draw


If your lucky enough to manage to find a Dragon Talisman of +6 Sheathing and +2 Sharpness you'll have Blunt Edge removed leaving:


Sharpness +1, High Grade Earing, Quick Sheath, and Critical Draw with Full Helios and a Rare 10 poison Greatsword.



Whats everyone else running?  I'd love to have some feedback.



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To be honest, I think you're doing it wrong. Great Sword has been my main on MH, MHFU, Tri, p3, and etc. Typically what you want to aim for is a set that can give:



Sharp +1

Crit Draw


Everything else is subjective. HGE is nice, but I've never really used it.  


As for swords, from what I can see there are 3 Great Swords that are well, Great.


Deviljho (Raw), Vulcanis (Awaken set = Slime Attack insane), and Alatreon (Dragon) You're sword may be better than Jho, but I  don't think it is