16-bit Classic!!!

Sonic the Hedghog is a classic game that started the 16-bit war against Nintendo. After Super Mario Bros. busted on the scene, Sonic was there to stand up and offer faster gameplay with a great sense of speed and better graphics. The theme is also unique where you have to rescue trapped animals being held captive in robotic-like creatures while colllecting coins to gain points and lives to continue farther in the game. Sonic looked meaner and more determined than MArio, for example if you just stood in the same place for awhile he would tap his foot and look at you wondering when you were gonna get going! This is a must-play for any gamer (if you haven't played it yet) and was a monumental step creating competition in the "Golden Age" of video games. Without Sonic, Mario would be a dictator, but definetily check out both Sonic and Mario as they were the stepping stones of generations to come!!