I can't believe this game was free!

User Rating: 8.1 | Monopoly Tycoon PC
Monopoly Tycoon, the tycoon game based on the real estate board game that uncountable people have enjoyed for many many years has big shoes to fill to say the least! And it does. Though fans of the classic board game looking for the same game with an updated look will not be satisfied with Monopoly Tycoon, because it is a totally different game. The only similarities are the blocks' names

Gameplay: Like any other Tycoon game, you start with meagre investments, and must manage your small empire to make it grow. MT gives you many management options, including suveying your customers to see what they need, building hotels for more buisiness, attending auctions for the lease of an entire block, and much much more! You can customize each building you build to an extent, including size, style, floors, etc. The gameplay is as good as any other Tycoon game out there to date!

Graphics: graphics are alright, but by today's standards, they could be better. The cars are blocky and square, and the people walking around have very little detail.

Sound: The sound of money exchagning hands is perfectly captured, and the music is catchy, if not good. Otherwise, not much sound is needed to play a tycoon game! Nothing is truly bad quality mind you.

Value: I got this game out of a cereal box. This makes the value of it worth every penny, because, I would have bought those Cheerios anyway!

Overall, it is a good game, worth buying even if it wasn't in a cereal box! A Tycoon game to add to the shelves of other good Tycoon games!