MONOPOLY Millionaire Cheats For Windows Mobile

  1. Achievements

    Code Effect
    Buy your first property. Everybody Starts Somewhere (5)
    Own your first monopoly. Now You're On Your Way (5)
    Build your first set of houses. Climbing Your Way Up The Ladder (5)
    Build your first set of hotels. The View From The Top (10)
    Roll a double six twice in a row. High Roller (10)
    Roll three doubles in a row and get sent to jail. Rolled To Jail (20)
    Roll a double to get out of jail. Rolled To Freedom (10)
    Land on every property on the board in the same game. Globe Trotter (20)
    Get 1 million. Millionaire! (5)
    Get 2 million. Double Up! (5)
    Use a Sly Deal and a Forced Deal in the same game. Property Thief (10)
    Use a Just Say No card to block the opponent from getting a monopoly off of you. Deal Breaker (15)
    Be responsible for the bankruptcy of another player. No Mercy (10)
    Bankrupt yourself out of the game for the first time. Went For Broke (5)
    Upgrade your mover to the maximum. Upgraded Lifestyle! (5)
    Get a property for less than the price on the board in Auction. Greedy! (10)
    Play a multiplayer game in Pass 'n Play. Multi-Millionaires! (5)
    Collect your first rent payment from any other player. Time To Collect (5)
    Break up another player's Monopoly. Dashed Hopes (20)
    Win a game without holding any monopoly. No Monopoly (20)

    Contributed by: Guard Master