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What Gamespot Users have to say about Monkey Island 2 Special Edition: LeChuck's Revenge

  • User Rating 5.5

    Charming, witty writing can't save Monkey Island 2 from its obtuse, irritating puzzles.

    Rated on May 23, 2012 by Anonymoe

    Pros: Some genuine chuckles scattered throughout; That occasional logical puzzle; Easy-to-use, interesting developer commentary Cons: Way too many puzzles have convoluted solutions; The game consta...

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  • User Rating 9

    Great graphical improvements might make this more playable to those who hate VGA... and that's pretty much it.

    Rated on February 04, 2013 by HeadrockBeats

    Obviously, one look at my avatar will tell you that I am one hell of a fanboy of the original Monkey Island 2, so please feel free to assume right now that I am utterly biased. Two days ago (yup) ...

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  • User Rating 9

    Lucas Art's adventure games are a solid reminder of times when games were made by players for players.

    Rated on July 11, 2010 by CSC2047

    With modern games able to dazzle you with amazing graphics of violence and sex, Monkey Island 2 Special Edition is a solid reminder that games can be amazing and memorable without the above. This game...

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  • User Rating 10

    The jokes seems to get you every time, as well as the character replies, glad they stuck to their roots

    Rated on July 13, 2010 by Codenameyash

    Well where do you start really? Does one really need an introduction as to how this game works or what the gameplay is like. For those who have played this game in the past know all about the crazy pl...

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  • User Rating 7

    Classic Game Rejuvenated; the best adventure game from LucasArts brought back with better graphics and voice-overs.

    Rated on July 17, 2010 by budilie

    To be honest, I don't expect this "Special Edition" version of my all-time favorite adventure game to be worth to see. I was disappointed with the first one, didn't even play it till the end. But LeCh...

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  • User Rating 10

    You haven't played adventures if you haven't played Monkey Island series.

    Rated on July 19, 2010 by darkstar4471

    In the days when people were playing their Super Nintendos and Sega Megadrives, gaming had certainly come a long way on the home video game consoles. However, to truly find the best games with the bes...

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  • User Rating 9.5

    5 years after my first playthrough, and 19 years after release, LucasArts have improved on their greatest game!

    Rated on August 04, 2010 by potteriffic

    It's been five years. I've been a Monkey Island fan since the beginning of 2005, in which I bought and played all of the games in order. After those playthroughs for the first time, I wanted more, I h...

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  • User Rating 9

    Great Remake

    Rated on August 24, 2010 by jsurfer200

    Monkey Island 2: Lecuck's Revenge: Special Edition a remake of the classic PC adventure game from the minds of Ron Gilbert and Tim Schafer, and Dave Grossman. This installment opens with our hero, Gu...

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  • User Rating 8

    Slightly better than the first Special Edition but some of the puzzles still leave more to be desired.

    Rated on September 23, 2010 by acousticpicker

    Overall this game feels and plays better than LucasArts' first attempt at a remake of their classic adventure series. If you love adventure games or love Monkey Island this will be real appealing to ...

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  • User Rating 9

    It will make you laugh out loud

    Rated on January 17, 2011 by KakashiMorph

    For one, I haven't played the old version of Monkey Island 2; I was too young when it came out and I could not find it anywhere when I grew up and fell in love with the series. I did stumble upon th...

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