Great game, not without its faults though!

User Rating: 9 | ModNation Racers PS3
Ok then.
Well I absolutely loved the idea of this game so when I picked up my pre-ordered copy I went straight home and played!

What I loved:
-The single played campaign is great. The story is short, snappy, funny and entertaining. Each race has 3 objectives and 5 tokens to collect, however, to get to the next race in the campaign all you need is to finish top 3 in the race before. This system works great because is you are having trouble with one of the harder objectives (and yes they can get very hard) you can just skip and get onto the next race!
-Online play. Works very smoothly, although I do have an issue or two (see below), the levelling system is great, you get xp not only for winning races, but also for how you raced! this includes weapon use, speed and tricks.
-Modification. Amazing. Love it. Zipping around your mod spot and checking out everyone else's designs is so so much fun, then being able to download your favourites, wow, it is incredible. Way too much depth to describe here, so get yourself a copy and check this out.

-Loading times. Ok, they aren't great, BUT they defiantly aren't as bad as some reviewers would have you believe. 20-30 seconds is nothing to wait when you know once you're in a race you wont hit one glitch or lagy moment.
-Online split screen. Love this really, however my concern is that you MUST be in a casual race to use it, not an xp race. This wouldnt be a problem if there were actually people racing in the casual races, but there is very very few so its hard to find a race.
-Disconnection. I have only disconnected once myself. However, I have occasionally found myself being the only racer left in my race at the end an online battle, while I do end up getting all the xp, it is not a satisfying feeling.

In summary, this game is amazing. Get it for the modification, track creation, online universe and stay for the racing (or vice-versa!)
Thanks guys