Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour Cheats For Windows Mobile

  1. Achievements

    Code Effect
    Kill the 1st enemy Beginner (10)
    Change the weapon Upgrade (10)
    Perform the 1st headshot Killer (10)
    Perform the 1st grenade Grenade (10)
    Jump over the 1st obstacle Jumper (10)
    Jump over 20 obstacles in the same game Athletic Training (5)
    Damage three enemies with the same Frag grenade Splash Damage (5)
    Win once on every map World tour (10)
    Win 5 multiplayer matches in a row Lucky Streak (5)
    Finish 1st in a multiplayer match of 10 players or more MVP (5)
    Win a Manhunt game by scoring every point for your team Finders Keepers (10)
    Kill 20 ennemies in a row without dying Survivor (20)
    Kill an enemy with a throwing knife's ricochet Ricochet (15)
    Win a game in less than 2 minutes Furiously Fast (10)
    Kill 10 enemies in a row without firing a bullet Commando (15)
    Perform 100 headshots Bull's Eye (5)
    Perform 500 headshots Eagle's Eye (10)
    Perform 1000 headshots Dragon's Eye (15)
    Finish a mission without ever taking damage Elusive Target (15)
    Kill two enemies with a single rocket Incoming! (5)

    Contributed by: Guard Master