MLB SlugFest 2006 Cheats For Xbox

  1. Bonus Stadiums

    Hit an out of the park homerun in the indicated location to unlock the corresponding bonus stadium.

    Code Effect
    Hit a homerun in AT&T Park. Atlantis
    Hit a homerun in Fenway Park. Coliseum
    Hit a homerun in Yankee Stadium. Empire
    Hit a homerun in PetCo Park. Forbidden City
    Hit a homerun in Minute Made Park. Rocket Park
  2. Bonus Teams

    Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding team.

    Code Effect
    Hit ten homeruns in one game. Bobble Head
    Hit a triple in Wrigley Field. Casey
    Hit a homerun in Atlantis. Dolphins
    Walk three times in one game. Eagles
    Hit a homerun in Coliseum Park. Gladiator
    Steal ten times in one game. Horse
    Hit a homerun with the Lions in Comerica Park. Lion
    Hit a triple in Rocket Park. Martian
    Hit a homerun in Forbidden City. Minotaur
    Hit a homerun at Busch Field. Pinto
    Perform a double play. Rodeo Clowns
    Hit a homerun with a Yankee in Empire Park. Tame Evil Clown

MLB SlugFest 2006 Cheats For PlayStation 2

  1. Hit Home Runs in Certain Stadiums to Unlock

    You need to hit Home Runs over the fence(NOT AN IN-PARK-HOME-RUN.)

    Code Effect
    Hit Home Run in Coliseum Team Gladiator
    Hit Home Run in Atlantis Team Dolphins
    Steal 5 times in one Game Team Horse
    Hit Home Run with Yankees in Empire Team Evil Clowns
    Turn a Double Play Team Rodeo Clowns
    Hit a Home Run in Forbidden City Team Mintour
    Hit 10 Home Runs in 1 Game Team Bobble Head
    Walk 3 times in 1 Game Team Eagles
    Hit an In Park Home Run at Busch Field Team Pinto
    Hit a Home Run with the Tigers in Comerica Park Team Lions
    Hit a Triple in Wrigley Field Team Casey
    Hit a Triple in Rocket Park Team Martian
    Hit a Homer in Fenway Park: Coliseum
    Hit a Homer in AT&A Park Park: Atlantis
    Hit a Homer in Yankee Stadium Park: Empire
    Hit a Homer in Minute Maid Park Park: Rocket Park
    Hit Homer in PetCo Park Park: Forbidden City