I think it will be a decent game

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I am getting it the day it comes out because i love baseball games. I thought 2k12 was a good game and if they just fix some glitches and stuff i'll be fine with that. In the trailer i thought the motion looked more fluent as well
#2 Posted by Generic_Dude (11707 posts) -
No. Buy The Show instead.
#3 Posted by Thesuperstar2k (372 posts) -

No they ain't. 2k should stop making mlb. It will not be the best game every year.

#4 Posted by SNESNOSTALGIA2 (133 posts) -

These games are atrocious especially compared to the show..not even sure why 2k makes them

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no. The best baseball sim is hands down The Show

2K is terrible at baseball. Have no clue why they even try

They excell in hoops, & should stick to what they do well