Battle for a Pennant serious league looking for players (MLB The Show 13)

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Battle for a Pennant is a serious league looking for players. We have 17 confirmed teams already. We have a Madden league (Battle for a Ring) which consists of 32 players. 17 players confirmed are guys from our Madden league so I know it's all serious players. Our league will be a sim like league. To be accepted in this league you must be over 21 years of age. We already have a facebook group for our league. The season will start one week after release date which is March 5th. The seasons will be short seasons of approximately 20 games. Advance will be on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays at 9 pm. Guess pitch and hot zones will be off. All the rules for our league are listed on our facebook page. If anyone is interested message me on PS3 killerkatz78 or message me on Facebook. Martin Montminy. Serious players only
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Hello, I'd definitely be interested in joining. I always pick up the game on the release date and am a very active sim player. Also meet the age requirement. I am a huge Jays fan (from Toronto) and not just a fan because of their offseason. Id be obviously interested in joining as them but i would think they are taken already. Is there a draft for teams that take place?
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Add me on facebook. Martin Montminy
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Add me on facebook. Martin Montminykillerkatz78
Darn I dont have facebook. Is there any way other form of communication for the league? Online website chat? Text? Twitter? Groupme? Thanks
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no you must have facebook. Create an account. At worst just create a bogus account. Facebook is the best way to communicate for our league. In our Madden league we all communicate on fb and weve been running for 4 years.