The computer definetly cheats!!

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idc wat anyone says the computer cheats.. im in the 8th inning with 2 outs nd im throwing a no-no next hitter i throw 2 pitches that are clearly CLEARLY in the zone no part of the ball was out of the zone..nd the umpire has been calling the pitch all day.. nd he calls them both a its a 2-0 count nd i throw a fastball weak ground ball thru the whole..the cpu will do watever it takes to not be embarrassed.smh

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There's a setting you can toggle that decides whether or not the umps make bad calls. Set it so they don't.
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Everytime i get the sense that the CPU is "cheating" or just all the sudden they start hitting pitches a foot off the plate for 400 ft homers, i simply do save and exit, go back to schedule and restart the game.