Same ol' Show....(but worse) with more bugs

User Rating: 3.5 | MLB 10: The Show PS3
I originally gave this a game a 6 out of ten but after i played about a month and a half of a season, i realized this game is completely broken! It freezes all the time during a game, at the box score screen, load screens etc. I now give it a 3.5, due to these problems. The Show 10 is a broken mess and has made me decide to drop the series all together.

The Good:

- Another great Soundtrack
- Better trophies than '09 (they make more sense and are more fun to get.)
- Home Run Derby (great fun especially when you use Babe Ruth or Prince Fielder)
- Some different animations than '09
- Warm up pitches: You are allowed to throw 8 or 10 warm up pitches when you bring in a new pitcher into the game to get the feel of the way he throws)
- Fans look slightly better than '09
- Batting is a bit more fair (but still is frustrating)

The Bad:

- Lots more bugs than the Show '09. The bugs in this game really takes you out of the experience. Try hitting a batter in the head with a pitch and you'll see what I mean...

- Long load times: Too much time waiting, waiting and waiting ......just to play the game. Ugh!

- Broken online: The Show '09 had the same problem, but in this year's edition it seems the online play has gotten worse! Games where it says the connection is good, you will end up losing the connection right in the middle or near the end of your game . This is very frustrating. Especially when your winning the game. After playing MAG for the last few weeks with 256 players online and zero lag or connection problems, the poor online for the Show 10 is unacceptable. There's only 2 people playing in one game! This problem needs to be fixed by the time the Show 11 arrives next year. What's the point of playing a game of baseball online with someone when you can't finish the game.

- A.I. gets all the breaks: Just like the Show '09, there is a "bad luck" factor working against you. The computer once again gets all the breaks. My catcher still throws the ball away 3 or 4 times during a game and I struggle just to string together a couple of lousy singles while the A.I is able to get doubles, triples and inside the park home runs over and over again. It doesn't matter what the skill level is set to, the outcome is still the same. The A.I. will not chase any pitch outside the strike zone. This game is still so one sided in the computer's favor. Playing this game is like Charlie Brown vs. Babe Ruth! So far my record for season mode is 1 Wins and 6 Loses. Good grief....

- Pitching sucks: I don't know what they did
to it but the pitching isn't as good as it was in '09. Trying to target your pitches on the plate without giving up tons of home runs all the time is very hard. Overall, the pitching just does not feel right. They tried to tweak it, but ended up making it worse.

-They got lazy: Yes, there are some new things in this game, but there isn't a lot of difference from last year's edition. The fans still look the same and don't really react to the plays on the field. Once in awhile they made reach over the fence on grab a foul ball but they never pick it up. They just sit there most of the time, even when a baseball bat goes sailing up into the stands. The announcers pretty much say the same comments as last year. Same animations for the most part.

- The player animations: Yes, they look realistic but they don't respond to your actions right away when you want them to. This is so stupid. The A.I. takes advantage of this and other players online do the same. For example, the other team was laying down a sac squeeze, my pitcher throws to first to get the out and once the ball reaches first base, the runner from second breaks to run to third. I try to get my first baseman to throw to third right away to get the runner who's now half way between second and third. But instead of throwing the ball, he's slowing looking at it in his hand! He throws the ball a few seconds after he's done looking at it but by then it's too late the runner is already made it to third base. WTF?

Overall, I would say save your money if you already own '09. Yes, the Show is still the best looking baseball game on the market but Sony got fat and lazy with this year's game and pretty much put most of their effort into the game's box! The Show 10 feels like a present you already received with a different bow slapped on it. Worth renting to check out if you are new to the series, but you won't miss out much if you pass on it. The Show needs to be fixed, reinvented and overhauled.

Here's some things I'd like to see next time:

1. Fans in the stands doing some not just sitting there. Just being more interactive with the game in general.
2. Able to use Hall of Fame Players in a 162 game season.
3. Bench clearing brawls. It happens in real baseball, why not here?
4. Batboys and Ballgirls
5. Have some online play for the Home Run Derby.