*sigh* The Best Baseball Around

User Rating: 7.7 | MLB 07: The Show PS2
Whats happened to sports titles nowadays. EA Sports had the best baseball games, and lost that license, and 2K had the best football games, and lost theirs. But thats old history.....though the results still show. MLB 07: The Show, is a fun game, though not the best baseball expirience either Sony or 2K has the ability to pull off. Gameplay: Overall, MLB 07 is a great Baseball game as far as gameplay goes. My favorite mode is Road to the Show, where you only play the parts of the game that your player is involved in, though it seems confusing, it actually works real well. A few camera problems aside, its a great baseball game.

Graphics: While gameplay shines, graphics fail. They look nearly worst than last years. Especially compared to those of MLB 2K7(though thats not really a fair comparison is it?) But still, they could have at least put SOME detail into the crowd, or the stadium. But no, the graphics suck.

Sound: The best announcing in a sports game without a doubt. The announcers actually have different lines every game, and they know whats going on, no matter how far-fetched the situation gets. The crowd and environment noises could have used a little more tweaking, but overall its very well done as far as sound goes.

If I were to say a number out of the top of my head, I'd give this game a 7.5/10.