Fantastic.. Best in Series

COD2 is the best in the series of Call of Duty games. The graphics are amazing, the game play is great, and the realism is real! The major set backs for me is:
1) The Veteran difficulty. I don't see how Hardend can be so easy, and then it just like leaps 10x and you cant even go out in to cover without getting shot.
2) Your teams AI, your teamates are about the stupidest people in the world, they have no clue what their doing, and they don't help you, but when they want to.


Gameplay - Amazing, Good for everyone. Although, there is some language, it is still good for everyone in my opionion.

Graphics - AMAZING, simply amazing that's all I can say.

Sound - Very good, there is no weird lag crap, like a grenade going off then 10 seconds later you hear the blast. It all sounds real!

Value - This is deffinatly worth 50-60 bucks. PICK IT UP! MUST HAVE!