As expected...

User Rating: 8.6 | MLB 07: The Show PS3
...the first baseball game for the PS3 is part of the ever-improving "The Show" series from SCEA. When EA Sports lost the ability to put Major Leaguers into its MVP series (it now releases a somewhat half-baked NCAA baseball game for the PS2), this became the only game in town.

Fortunately, it's a damn fine monopoly. MLB '07: The Show debuts on the PS3 with plenty of next-gen panache, but at its heart is a terrific, mostly accurate representation of the actual game. It's the first truly banner sports title for the console, and it again proves to be vastly better than the 2K Sports counterpart.

Controls are refreshingly simple. Stadiums and players are well rendered. Sound effects and commentary are lifelike and, for the most part, interspersed nicely into the action. The online play will assuredly take off and the standard options and mini-games are in place.

Can't go wrong with this one at all.