Mission: Impossible (1998) Cheats For Nintendo 64

  1. Beat up/shoot guards in KGB HQ without repercussions

    In the level select menu, enter a code for one of the weapons that you would not normally have access to in the Embassy Missions (I.e. 7.65 Silenced). Then start the KGB HQ level.

    When you start the level, draw your cheat weapon and kill one of the guards. The alarm will sound, but the guards will not attack you, because the game does not recognize your weapon as one of the weapons from that level.

    Now that you have done this, you can beat up or shoot the guards in this level without being captured or even yelled at for. This works as both the Ambassador Aide and the Security Head chief.

    (Exceptions to this glitch are: Guard in front of SHc office, SHc, Guard in front of closet in Impossible difficulty. Injure them and the Guards will attack as usual.)

    Contributed by: PlayItBogart 

  2. Codes

    At the mission select screen, enter the following:

    Code Effect
    Up C, Z, Up C, Z, Up C Turbo Mode
    C-Up, Z, C-Left, Z, L Infinite Ammo
    C-Down, R, C-Right, C-Up, L Mini Mode
    Press C-down, C-up, R, L, Z Kid mode
    Press C-down, R, Z, C>, C< Big feet mode
    C-down, R, C-up, L, C-left Big head mode
    C-down, L, C-up, C-Right, L Humongous head mode
    C-Down, R, C-Right, C-Up, L Big Hands Mode
    R,L, C<, C>, C-Down Start with rocket launcher
    C-up, L, C>, C<, C-up Start with silenced pistol
    C>, C<, C>, C-down, R Start with UZI
    R, L, C-down, C-up, C-up Start with 9mm pistol
    R, Z, C down, R, C down Invincibility

    Contributed by: KasketDarkfyre 

  3. Cheat Codes (PAL Version)

    Some codes for the US NTSC Mission: Impossible do not work on the PAL version, particularly Infinite Ammo and Invincibility. The gun codes for the game do work, so I shall present only the two codes mentioned above. Remember to submit these codes at the Level Select Screen:

    Code Effect
    R, Z, C-Down, R, R Invincibility
    C-Up, Z, C-Left, Z, C-Left Infinite Ammo

    Contributed by: VGRetro 

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