Platformers do not work in first-person, and Mirror's Edge is no exception.

User Rating: 3 | Mirror's Edge X360
Mirror's Edge has a lot of appeal – The graphics are vibrant despite recent gaming trends, it has a unique setting, it incorporates 2-D animation just because the designer thought it looked good, and its main protagonist happens to be female yet wears clothes and has breasts smaller than her head.
Unfortunately, it suffers from one very, very big problem. I could spend a long time nitpicking about how the camera seems programmed with the mission of making you vomit, or how it looks non-linear, and should BE non-linear, but isn't, or how that helicopter in the first level is way too cryptic, but everything else is minute compared to the biggest issue.
PLATFORMING DOES NOT WORK IN FIRST-PERSON. You NEED the scope of vision that only third-person will allow, or you gain an element of unjust difficulty. First-person platforming didn't work in Half-Life, and it didn't work in FarCry, and countless other examples should have made it obvious that no amount of controls optimization is going to fix the underlying issue.
Imagine playing Super Mario Brothers with duct tape over the screen to obscure Mario and everything behind him. Now apply the same logic to Super Mario 64 and you've got a cartoony version of Mirror's Edge.
Mirror's Edge could have been a great game, but it was broken the moment the camera shifted to first-person.

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